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About me

I am one of very few individuals selected to be trained in clairvoyance in Tibet by the Great Master of the East, Prof. Naybanjee.  I completed my training fifteen years ago, and since then I have dedicated myself to helping others in need.


I currently have clients in England, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, North America and South Africa.


I also make use of King Arthur cards, alchemy rune stones and am blessed to be able to channel personal messages from your angels.


Additionally, I am able to perceive energy fields surrounding the bodies of others, and can determine from the condition of the aura, the various problems which may be affecting the individual.

These problems may manifest as either spiritual, physical

or mental in nature.  By drawing on various methodologies,

I am able to restore the aura, bringing great relief to the individual.


I'm also qualified as a Reiki Master in 2008. 

My journey on the  healing path began many years prior to this, but since my Mastership, I have devoted myself full-time
to helping others at full capacity and force.
Additionally you can book an appointment with me at Complementary Clinic -  I Feel Good Therapy Clinic in Guildford , and  in The Holistic Center in Godalming.
My life focus is on spirituality and helping other people. 
Making you happy makes me happy!
I wish you love, peace and an abundance of light!













Jarek is a registered member of the

Spiritual Workers' Association

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