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If you want to know what your Angels have got to say to you, come and they will advice your on your life problems and dilemmas. They will tell you what you can expect from life in near future and give you early warnings when will find it appropriate/convenient for you to know this.




Every Man no matter what age, no matter how spiritually developed, no matter his religion or creed, he has assigned to himself or herself an Angel protector. However, they never intervene in our lives without our invitation.


They here to support us, help us and advise how to cope with life’s dilemmas and problems.

They indicate as well where our attention should go.


I have the abilities to connect with Angels (only with your permission, otherwise Angels won’t speak to me) and let you know what they have to tell you and advise you on life matters. This information is like the best advice for the oncoming days, or simply answers to your deep inner questions.



Often Angel tell you which days are special for you, which are good or other times when you have to pay special attention.

It can happen that the Angels will have nothing to say to you. For this the reason will be that you might find out soon enough.


I don’t communicate with people who left us.


However, I can pass the messages from them through Angels if they will find it necessary.



Remember that The Angels never tell us what to do.


We always have a free will and they will not intervene in this. They only relay their advice to us so we could choose what we will think is right for us. Their advice is based on the best thing for us in the long term of our lives but not necessarily the best for the present moment.



They give us all this with unconditional love and serve us with help in any matter, but only when asked to do so.




Angel Channeling   Cost £40


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