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Angel Channeling to the World



7th June


Hello Lovely People,

The time is coming nearer and nearer for the radical changes which will happen very soon. Life teaches us to be firm and consistently with experiences which are happening now. However because of old programing and misbelieves we tend to be less loving and more tolerant on bringers of chaos and distractions to society.

Please with more love be stronger and more demanding on peaceful changes and keeping your own life boundaries. September will be month of changes from which won’t be return.  Still is a time to help yourself and others in order to stop the insane machinery of those who want destruction.


I can see the future in three different ways

1/ In peaceful changes and world become beautiful

2/ The other one as violent and hateful radical changes where history will be written in blood and

3/ The third option is destruction of everything


9th May






























15th - 09th May - very important 

Hello Dear All,Now we all should concentrate on some exercises to improve our abilities to connect and understand higher being who really cares for us. Those can be Angels, Spiritual Guides, Beings of Light or Emissaries of Light.

There are many more who cares for us, but most common beings are this one, which does not mean that they most important.

First of exercise is to silence yourselves for about one hour. During this period different thoughts will come to our mind.

So, when they will be coming you attune yourself to them and listen, listen for the other thoughts which does not belong to you.

For now don’t try to understand them or listen what is really said to you, just listen and distinguish the thoughts as being yours or somebody else.

To help you with all this you may want to get pen and paper and take notes of everything. Later you can read to find out which are yours and which are not.Do this in quiet time till you feel satisfied.

You should be able to recognise this as is after week of training.

I will give you 10 days. After this time will be more exited exercises to do.

 With lots of LOVELelevel Angel

29th - 09th May

My Dearest, You all right now can take the advantage of building you own future in this very specific time.

Now in the next ten days is time for reflexion and deep thinking about future.Future involving out life goals, think what is really important to you and what you want to achieve. I know that most of you have many goals, just choose the one most important to you. The true GOAL to which you will go and keep in mind as most important. Goal which will give us a pleasure and satisfaction.

One which will allow us to indulge in life. Goal by which you can say someday, I were there, I achive it and get it.

JUST THINK!! In next ten days you write what you want and how will you go about it Amen

With Love Angel Lelevel

14th - 23rd April

Hello My Dear Friends,Today Message will be different from others. Because of various energy influences on your beautiful planet Earth, we are entering lower energy vibrations which will have a great influence on our mental state.

By this our physical aspects will be ok, in spite of emotional down feeling. It will be this all about nine days.

Therefore we should concentrate on ourselves in such way as to see always in positive way, without allowing our emotional state to rule our lives. Don’t expect from yourself big things, just with dignity accept all as is and as should be.

With lots of Love Your Angel Lelevel

2nd - 13th April

We are moving into new phase. This phase is healing old stereotypes and new ones bringing into real world. This is part of longer period which will be all in all healing of karma and changing of old false programming.At this moment for the next eleven days we have to concentrate on ourselves what kind of life blocks in life, what is stopping us from moving forwards and why we say “I cannot” . Only after realizing consciously in full what’s in us, we can start changes and healing process can occur. But this is our next step.

For time being we must concentrate what’s stops us from moving forward. This task is to be till the 13th of April.

With lots of loveAngel Lelevel

22nd March - 2nd April

Angel Lelevel channeling to people with love.Till about the end of this month we should pay attention on health matters.

What really matters now is you mental health and the way you thinking.It is very important that you should think in right way, as we have the power to hurt with thoughts ourselves and others. So, with yourself on mind make sure that you think very positively and in proper way see our own life situations.If you have health problems then now especially with right way of thinking you can repair and restore balance in your body. Therefore work hard over yourself by beginning with right thoughts to influence our bodies and mind. With lots of love Angel Lelevel speaks to you. This message is valid till the 2nd of April.

23th Feb - 6th March

Hello, Your Angel Lelevel speaks,Next eleven days we should concentrate upon materialistic matters, what have we losted In past and how much we Gould like to Get it back. I mean only materialistic matters.Therefore, next 11 days we should be giving without any obligation straight from the heart to those ones who need and are in worse situation then you. While we giving still keep in mind this what have been lost in past by ourselves. It doesn’t mean that we will regained this immediately or at all, but is good chance to get it back.This is period in which we should start work in charity in order to help those near us. Pay attention if your children or parents are not in need but not asking.This channelling is for the next 11 days.

With lots of loveAngel Lelevel

11th - 22nd Feb

This is a period of time to work on your own emotions. This time we should concentrate on ourselves only and pamper in every possible way. During this all we should worked through with old emotions, all things which are dormant. Especially concentrating on relationship issues in order to cure old wounds related to inter-relationships.Important is that we should renew our relation with our inner child. I can advise you to spend a lot of time outside with lots of fresh air.

Your loving Angel Lelevel


3th - 9th Feb 

Angel channeling for week 3rd of March 2014This week is the time of Love. Please all of you to try to do everything from standpoint of Love with reserve of external influences with tolerance and acceptance, even if we don’t like it. Just do it all with Love.This week will be difficult one for most of spiritual people, especially for those ones who didn’t work still on them relation life lections which interlinked with emotions, feelings of Love and relationship with others. On other hand can be difficult too when it will be required to submit yourself with higher rank or other person who is “right” when we don’t think that anything can be learned from such people.

But remember that this week the children have most to offer in life lessons to all.

With Love, yours Angel Lelevel


26th Jan - 2nd Feb

We are entering new phase which is part of bigger time cycle. In this period we should pay special attention to our surrounding. Keeping this in mind and send love to this ones who in our circles. Then they should spread the love further and further till this love embrace whole of our Beautiful planet.On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we should try to do something nice to our near person. This should be done at least once a day without expecting anything in return. Same on Thursday, Friday and Saturday should do it to our cohabitants, plants, trees or animal. On Sunday we can rest. In return for all this we should be getting soon nice surprise.

With lots of Love from Angels through Lelevel Angel. Let it be! Amen.








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