Guided Meditation

Stay in the Comfort of your Home and  Meditate

"... Meditation gives me an island of calm in the midst of so much turbulence.” — Paul McCartney
Allow Yourself to release stress from your Body and Mind through gentle but powerful guided meditation with Meditation Master Okide Soul, Jarek Dzwigol.

He has been trained in meditation for many years.
The secret to the success of his meditation is that you become someone who looks and sees. You are the observer. You are safe and taken care of.
After each subsequent meditation you will feel more at peace, in balance and happy.
You will gain a deeper knowledge of yourself and your    
   unlimited possibilities
You will control your fears, anxiety and worries
 You will calm your mind and boost your intuition by
   increasing your vibrations.
You will heal that which aches the soul
 "The pain of the mind is worse than the pain of the body"    Publilius Syrus

  • reduces stress

  • increase of energy

  • provides a sense of balance, peace and calm

  • reduces feelings of confusion, anxiety, anger and depression

  • helps control thoughts

  • boosts immune system

  • creates feeling of being safe

  • reduces pain

  • helps with heart disease

  • reduces insomnia 

  • heals old wounds

For 30 consecutive days Jarek, connected to the Angels, will support you and guide you through spiritual, physical and mental aspects with his meditations.

Each meditation is powerful and unique responding to the energy which he feels to take you on your healing journey.

From 22nd March for 30 Days at 8pm GMT Jarek will guide you via Zoom platform.

HOW TO JOIN our private MEDITATION GROUP from 22nd March
 1/ The cost for a 30 day meditation course is £30, please  Book Your Space Here 


2/  Send us an email on or on 07935651585 we will send to you a link to register yourself on Zoom in advance
3/ Be ready about 15 min before the meditation starts.

Make yourself a comfortable nest. You may light a candle and use a diffuser with relaxing, organic aromatherapy oils. Use your favourite music as a background if you wish.

5/ We will start promptly at 8pm as advertised. After that we won't be able to accept your request to join the group.

make sure in advance that you know how to connect with zoom
If you need more help this is additional guidance on how to join meeting on zoom

You can listen to Jarek's tester meditation on our fb page I Feel Good Therapy Clinic and two meditations on his website Okide Soul 

"Meditation Evening, I feel compelled to write to say what an amazing experience it was for me to attend an evening of meditation with you. I found the session to be deeply moving in a very positive way and it has allowed me to open channels of healing inside that I didn't know existed. The fact that you chose a crystal for me to hold that has special significance to me and that during the meditation this crystal became very hot signified to me that the experience was not just a cognitive one, but that it was also very spiritual and this touched me profoundly. I would recommend any one to try this with you and to feel what I felt." Joe Sardo 
 “The guided meditations from Jarek in the B & J meditation group are amazing and the monthly fee is great value. This group is SO worth joining! Jarek is very very gifted and is really able to transport you to another place during the meditation. I often find it quite hard to switch off completely, I could be having the most amazing massage and while I am really enjoying the massage and feeling bodily relaxed my mind is still often busy. During the meditation it is completely different - I absolutely switch off my mind. I feel so relaxed and I have the most amazing deep sleep after Jarek's meditation. You must try it for yourself!” Michelle Mardall

“Thank you for your meditation, my love. Yesterday I fall asleep on the sofa while listening your meditation an I slept like a rock all night! Today I feel very peaceful and I have lots of trust in my heart. Thank you, we are blessed to have you here” Beata Dzwigol