Quantum Therapeutic Massage




This massage have been developed in order for every client to benefit from it in every possible way.


It combines several techniques in one.


Firstly it is done by using long strokes on the body with hands and forearms which generates energy flow on the skin

of the person being massaged, which is also very pleasant to experience while being massaged. Through energy developed by those special strokes it goes deep into the body (similar to deep tissue massage), but is not tiring or uncomfortable

for the client.


Being a Reiki Master, during the massage I use Reiki universal healing energy as I would in a Reiki treatment.

This brings a deep sense of relaxation and healing to the entire body of the client.


Another aspect of this massage is that I use a Vietnamese technique of acupressure to start the flow of Chi (Ki or Prana) energy in the body where there are energy blocks. This technique opens the energy flow in the Meridians by which the body harmonises and returns to its original balanced state.


You might feel deeply relaxed and sleepy after such a massage; however this is only the initial effect. When this stage passes then we feel energised and powerful not only within the body but within the mind. Your views of the world change and you have a feeling that everything is possible.


To make this all possible and long lasting it would be advisable to attend a series of massages of no less than one a week. The first stage would be 6 massages once a week, then 3 every fortnight then a minimum of once a month.

This should make you feel happy, upbeat and healthier than before.

This massage is a great addition to other forms of activity such as Yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Kung.




Treatment                                                                 Duration                                             Price

Quantum Therapeutic Massage                           90 min                                                  £80.00

Quantum Therapeutic Massage                           60 min                                                  £60.00









                                                Red Hot Yoga

                                                Norwich House

                                                14/15 North Street

                                                GU1 4AF

                                                II floor





                                                BISLEY, WOKING

                                                16 Kingcup Drive

                                                 GU24 9HH