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If you are ready to break through into a better way of life, join our sacred space. We will help guide you to shine your inner light.

We will use Reiki and whirlpool energy, developed by us while guided by Spiritual Guides and Angels in order to restore natural balance of energy within a person on 3 levels – body, mind and soul. This is a such beautiful space where two Spiritual Healers will become a channel of divine energy . They will be guided by Spiritual Guides, Akashic Records and Angels to help you to grow in the divine power and become the amazing being you are destined to be.

For 2 hours you will be receiving energy healing and additionally you will be embraced with gentle sound and vibrations of 7 powerful, healing gongs.

We are going to work both with the whole group and with each person individually.

We will go very deep but always leaving you a space and choice how deep you want your healing to reach. We will be focusing on your health, stress and well-being, but if you are ready to work on deeper spiritual level, you will get an opportunity to experience it.

Benefits of Deep Healing Ceremony:

- Growing in the divine power and becoming the amazing being you are destined to be - Releasing worries - Managing fears at a particular time - Reducing pains and aches in the body - Releasing certain karmic and ancestors blockages - Easing soul’s pain and suffering - Assisting you with your life lessons - Opening heart to unconditional love to others and self-love - Transforming deepest pain into spiritual growth - Feeling more relaxed and happier - Seeing life in much more positive way - Cleansing negative cords - Chakras balancing - Aura cleansing

You will not necessarily feel it immediately, but you can feel it shortly after such a session. It is advisable for each person to have a minimum 9 such sessions in 12 consecutive months.

All this will create a powerful healing resonance with participants. We’ll be running this event on a regular basis once a month if allowed.

Healing Power of the Gongs:


All non-physical issues, all those issues which are physical too but are difficult to recognise. Nibiru repairing and transforms things so that they become as they should be Nibiru is to repair it at all 3 levels: body, mind and soul. Physical, non-physical and a common connection of levels of life.


Fixing old patterns, our mistakes, our wrongs that we have done to someone . It will help us forgive ourselves, when we carry an inner guilt and allow us forget what we are not proud of.


A healer. Chiron heals at three levels: body, mind and soul. Not only does he remove diseases and ailments, but he also goes deeper to the root cause of the issue, which might concern previous lives. He removes these roots so that you could fully experience your present life. Additionally, Chiron is a gong helping people with their life lessons. However you must know what your life lesson is if you want Chiron’s assistance. So if you know what your life lesson is, you may count on Chiron. He might increase your karma, but you may also have to experience and learn a lesson yourself. None else will do it for you. Chiron also calls on our spiritual guides to connect with us.


will help us with grounding following the healing process.


Will bring transformation In this process, so that each person is ready to receive the healing.


will reinforce each gong


will cleanse scars in our heart, balance heart chakra and fulfil our heart with love

Each gong will work accordingly to its role, at the same time cooperating with others. Each of them will work in a different manner and the gongs connected to others will do extra work.


We kindly ask you to leave all your personal belongings in the car .Bring only your yoga mat (camping SINGLE airbed), something warm to put under your back and to cover yourself, a pillow, so that you can lie down comfortably during the session.

We are not allowed to provide a mat for you. You will need a bottle of water.



You can meditate and sleep, or you may choose to stay awake and drift in and out of sleep throughout the session as the sound of the gongs and vibration gently washes over you.

The healing will finish with Shuniya - brief and silent time, just a couple of minutes that is called the “Shuniya” or “Sunyata”, literally meaning “emptiness” or “void”. This is the time for the sounds to settle, so the inner peace and the oneness will remain with you for the rest of the evening.

In accordance with up-to-date Government and Public Health, I Feel Good Therapy Clinic has taken precautions to protect our clients.

We also request that any symptomatic clients follow NHS guidance on self-isolation and refrain from visiting the practice at this time. Despite this, there is a risk of transmission of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and it is important that you are aware of the risk.

If you have any questions please contact us on 077316 73759

By purchasing the ticket you and the person for whom you bought the ticket are confirming that you understand and agree to the CONSENT TO RECEIVE CARE by I Feel Good Therapy Clinic as below:

CONSENT TO RECEIVE CARE by I Feel Good Therapy Clinic • to my knowledge I haven't been exposed to Coronavirus (COVID-19) ; specifically I am not currently symptomatic, nor am I self-isolating, nor am I living with anyone who is symptomatic or self-isolating, nor have I been in contact with anyone who has or is suspected of having COVID-19. • I understand that there is a potential risk of transmission of Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a result of attending the gong bath • I have had the opportunity to ask all the questions I wish to, and all my questions have been answered to my satisfaction. • I have read, agreed to and understood the statements above relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19) risk and consent to receive care during gong bath

• Contraindications: I'm not pregnant (1st trimester of pregnancy), I don't suffer from serious mental health problems, I don't suffer from epilepsy/seizure

If you are concerned about your health contact Jarek before purchasing the ticket on 07935651585


As places are limited please Book as soon as possible Online to guarantee a place. If there are no free tickets, contact us and ask, we may have a cancellation.

Please text us your phone number on 07731 676759. after purchasing your ticket (there will be no paper work to fill in before gong bath)Please reschedule if you are feeling sick OR have been exposed to the Corona Virus.


Door will be open promptly at 5.40pm and closed at 5.55pm Event will start promptly at 6.00pm

Late-comers will not be allowed in once the event is underway!, so please take additional time to arrive. Bisley can be very busy.

You will be asked to sanitize hands and check temperature on arrival .If this group is fully booked please ask about 2.30pm session.


Miles Green Farm, The Bisley Yurt Queens Road, GU24 9AR Free car park. Toilet.


Tickets must be booked in advance through I Feel Good Therapy Clinic online. By purchasing a ticket you accept these Terms. Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded unless the event is cancelled by I Feel Good Therapy Clinic.

If the event is cancelled we will organize a transfer of funds to you between 14-21 days from the date of the event (without eventbrite's fee).

Disclaimer: Clients results and healing experience may vary from person to person. If you have any questions, contact Jarek directly: 07935 651585 or check


This event is happening on monthly bases.



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