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Skype De - Stress Meditation


"gives ... an island of calmin the midst of so much turbulence"  Paul McCartney



The secret to the success of Skype meditation is that you can stay at comfort of your own home, wherever you are and have private meditation online directly from us.



Private meditation class takes 60 minute although duration may be longer depending on the individual’s needs. 


Each meditation is different. Each meditation is "made up" while being guided by Jarek.


We recommend starting with an 6 week course. One hourly session per week.


Each session includes:

  • Discussion about you specific needs during Meditation

  • Two 20 minutes or longer Guided Meditations (one at the start of session and one at the end)

  • Listen to relevant instructions on how to progress with Meditation

  • Questions and Answers

  • General discussion on improving your life



"Meditation does not have to be a religious or spiritual pracitce. Many secular groups practise for the positive mental and physical benefits - Progressive Muscle Relaxation, the Relaxation Response and Biofeedback all use techniques drawn from the various spiritual practices but without the doctrine.


Recent medical clinical studies have found that meditation can have a positive effect on stress - related illness, immune function, chronic or terminal illness, cardiovascular and respiratory functions

(high blood pressure/heart problems etc),  brain chmistry, stress and pain reduction. "

Secrets of Meditation  Philippa Faulks



After each subsequent meditation you should feel more at peace and more happy.





  • reduces stress

  • increase energy level

  • provides a sense of balance, peace and calm

  • reduces feeling of confusion, anxiety, anger and depression

  • helps control thoughts

  • reduces pain

  • helps reverse heart disease

  • reduces insomnia 

  • increase happines

  • impoves concetration and brain function

  • manifests incredible outcomes in your live


"The pain of the mind is worse than the pain of the body"   Posibilius Syrus



· You will release daily stress and become more relaxed

· You will gain a deeper knowledge of yourself and your  unlimited possibilities

· You will calm your mind and boost your intuition by  increasing your spirituality

· You will heal that which aches the soul





If you wish you can GET SOME ADVICE on issues you should work during meditation


One hour skype meditation cost £50

Course of 6 weeks skype meditation cost  £300

Now only £190










Before meditation


Please make sure that your space is warm and quiet.

Wear comfortable clothing. Have a blanket to keep warm and some bottled water to drink.




We offer group or private classes as well.

For either basic, intermediate or advanced level.

Shorter time of meditation available.



To book your skype meditation email us at or call us in advance

on  07935651585.



Why not send a friend or family member a Meditation session via Skype/ course as a gift?



A sample of our meditation:





















"Meditation Evening I feel compelled to write to say what an amazing experience it was for me to attend

an evening ofmeditation with you. I found the session to be deeply moving in a very positiveway and it has allowed me to open channels of healing inside that I didn't knowexisted.

The fact that you chose a crystal for me to hold that has specialsignificance to me and that during

the meditation this crystal became very hotsignified to me that the experience was not just a cognitive one, but that itwas also very spiritual and this touched me profoundly. I would recommend anyone to try this with you and to feel what I felt." 

GS Surrey



"..I feeling relaxed and different. The true test for me was in how I would handle certain situations.

My obsessions became thoughts, my laziness became movement. My fog became clarity and focus...

I am not the same person I was when I began treatments with  Jarek  7  weeks ago. My life has changed dramatically.  People who I haven’t seen in a while comment on how different I look, peaceful and happy.

Even though I have shared my experience of healing treatments with Jarek I cannot began to show my gratitude for

his treatments have changed, no, saved my life and put me on my true path to healing.

I promise you that if you choose to work with Jarek your life will change for the better. Mine has!!!"

Leslie T.




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