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World Wide Gong Playing for Healing


Wherever you are JOIN us in a WORLD WIDE synchronized HEALING THE EARTH

Time 21:12 (GMT) London Time,  on 31st of May is the highest point of Earth resonance



We would love to invite you for Gong Concert - World Wide Gong Playing for Healing - 31st May - Sat

free admission! 
outside events


Everybody welcome, bring your friends and have good time 

Bisley, Woking

next to Village Hall
School Close, Bisley
Surrey GU24 9EG
if raining we will play in Pavilon (address later) 



Let’s playing gongs and singing bowls for at least half an hour where the peak time is 12 minutes past nine in the evening London time.


Best to finsh playing at 9:30pm, but it will be good to play longer.


Everybody who will play the gongs or singing bowls will be able to feel very strongly the healing energy and will participate in this process.


They will feel one of the greatest power awaken during this time.


Playing Puja at this time is also very beneficial.


To get together a group of people in order to maintain the high peak for purpose of healing the Earth and people with them mutual relationship.


So all damage done to Earth will be healed and repaired.




Invite your friends!








Hello Everybody,


Some of you most probably didn’t hear of me, others Just know me because of Gongs.


However, I do have important news to all of you.

I have to admit that I do channel messages from Angels and doing this quit often.


Now the important news…


A few days earlier I did receive MESSAGE from Angels, and this is important. The message is that:


on 31 of May this year at 21:12 London time,
the Earth is going to be in the highest vibration point in the next 12 years

This vibration is very specific, because it will attune itself with frequency of Men in order to heal the relationship between both parties.

The HEALING will be done on very subtle level and will heal the all wrongdoing by Men in destruction of our Mother Earth.


Angels asked through me that all Gong Players around the world united together
and at this crucial time play gongs and singing bowls with support to healing


Angels themselves will join in this glorious event and will sing and hold vibration on this high level so the actual healing will take place.


I already start organizing people who will come to join in meditation during this wonderful time to help with repairs of this relationship.


Please gather all people from around the world to join in and commit in this time of need.


Please sign yourself on facebook page and state where you from and if you will play.


Remember, the more of us will play, the better effects will take place.



With love and Light

from me and my humble Angel Lelevel  

Jarek “Okide”

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